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Re: [seul-edu] Cafeteria Software?

Methinks the database would be straight forward, just
tedious.  Point of sale could be interesting.  Are you
looking to interface to a cash register?  Do the
students have bar-coded IDs?  Or is it just a
Do you want to do meal planning, too?  I've seen at
freshmeat.org gpl-ed software to provide the food
exchanges for meals.
--- Ryan Booz <ryanbooz@alumni.psu.edu> wrote:
> Hey gang,
> This may be a little obscure right now, but I
> thought I'd ask.  Many of
> you have probably figured out (if I haven't said)
> that I work for a
> small private school of about 340 students, VERY
> rural PA.  Although
> I've been getting many things set up this summer and
> all my Linux boxes
> are working very well, a new question was proposed
> to me this week.
> We've been looking to get some software for doing
> the cafeteria stuff.
> And there's plenty of it out there (for Windows or
> Mac).  However, it
> obviously costs a bundle.  The cheapest we can get
> someone is $3000 for
> the software, but that's because the also HAVE to
> come and do the
> training for two-three days.  The software (if there
> are
> building/district computer people out there, you
> probably know more than
> I about this) will track each student, what they
> owe, what the costs
> are, blah, blah, blah.  Point of sale stuff - in
> other words - a
> glorified database.
> So, my question is, anything like this out there in
> open source?  I'm
> guessing not for this particular situation, but
> anything that could be
> adapted easily?  Man, talk about selling a school on
> open source... if
> my principle saw we could do this with open source,
> he wouldn't know
> what to do with himself!!  Any other suggestions
> from people that have
> experience with this type of software?
> Thanks a bunch!
> Ryan Booz
> Tech Coordinator
> Belleville Mennonite School

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