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Re: [seul-edu] [Fwd: [Fwd: Linux Expo Toronto conferences]]

"Pete St. Onge" wrote:

> Apparently, they really want us to attend. :)

Yes, And the IDG folks want us back for NY as well .  That Expo is January 30 -
February 2, 2001, and they are finalizing thier call for papers as of 25 August.
If you would like to set up  a presentation ( I wish Doug were availible to respond
as well, Happy Vacation!), I can contact someone  at IDG  on our behalf. The online
form is short, it asks for a bio on the presenter and a two hundred word abstract,
but they really do not have a slot for education on thier list.

> At this point, I'd be ready to go down and make the presentation at the
> Toronto expo. However, in light of the upcoming US expos, as well as another
> one here in Montreal in the spring, perhaps this would be a good time to add
> our previous presentations to cran somewhere so that we have a resource from
> which to draw when making new presentations. For the last talk I gave, Odile
> Benassy wrote a python script to add a common header and footer to some
> content html I wrote, so we could use this script as well as the header /
> footer html if folks want to keep the same look and feel for subsequent
> presentations.

I think that would be vey helpful.  Aaron can give you a blow by blow on San Jose,
but I felt there was no unified thinking on what to present to the floor traffic,
so it was all off the cuff.  I was also distracted by my need to push LinuxHelpers
as we ended up with two booths that were not adjoining.  (They originally assured
me that the booths would adjoin.)

> I'll be on #seul tonight (1900-2200 EDT, 0100-0400 GMT) to start hashing out
> an overview for the Toronto talk, if folks want to chat.

Can't be there, gotta take the kids to the waterpark for some fun this afternoon.

Catch you all later