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[seul-edu] Talks / Presentations page added to Belegost

I added the presentation worked up by Doug, Odile and myself for the
LinuxExpoAmeriques 2000 talk, given in April to the 'talks' page at:


This page also has a python script and a presentation template that can be
used to build a presentation fairly rapidly using very basic htmled content.
Please feel free to play with the template (we can keep a gallery of
template styles for presenters), and borrow any part of our presentation for

The python script (presentation.py) written by Odile reads files named
'talk1' thru whatever and adds this (html) inside a template
(presentation-template.html) to create a series of html files ('talk1.html'
and so on). Currently, one has to set a number in the script to tell it how
many files to process. Aaron Malone has written another script to could the
number of files to process, which will be integrated in the presentation
script Real Soon Now.

If you've given a SEUL or SEUL/edu talk at some point, and would like to
share the materials, please let me know; I'd be only too happy to add it.

-- Pete