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[seul-edu] NY Times article on OS

It seems we will be getting some ammunition thanks to
President's Information Technology Advisory Committee.
Below are excerpts from a NY Times article located at:

"In a new report, the group, known as the President's
Information Technology Advisory Committee, will
recommend that the federal government back "open
source software as an alternate path for software
development," according to a draft copy of the report,
which will be sent to the White House and published in
a matter of weeks."

Further down in the article it says:
"The new report by the technology advisory panel is
another sign that open source is an emerging force.
The recommendations focus mainly on developing
software in a rarefied niche of computing -- the
federally financed supercomputing centers devoted to
research in fields like modeling the atmosphere and
simulating nuclear explosions."

-Herbert Remidez

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