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Re: Fw: RE: [seul-edu] Comprehensive Student Management

I agree with Kevin on this. My job is facilitate the learning process
not to ensure linux gets on the desktop.

I am focusing on the back room and wiring closets because that is where
linux shines.  I like the idea of a web interface because  I don't lose
the money already invested in staff development.  We need programs that
are up to date, functional and easy to use:  Student Mngmnt, Library
Automation, Cafeteria Mngmnt and Accounting, hopefully SIF compliant( or
variation thereof). This would pave the way for linux on the desktops by
gaining the trust of administrators and teachers with functional, stable

I also don't think I would switch all my desktops over to linux even if
I could, that would  limit the students exposure to technology on the
whole. They need to be able to make there own choices. I could see dual
booting and I love the idea of recycling old computers intoX terms, but
for some reason I am not comfortable with "world dominance " of *any* OS
...or any other application  for that matter.

Michael Williams
Network Admin/Tech
Haywood County Schools

Douglas Loss wrote:

> On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, owner-seul-edu@seul.org wrote:
> > From: "Raybould, Kevin" <KRaybould@AppGenesys.com>
> > To: "'seul-edu@seul.org'" <seul-edu@seul.org>
> > Subject: RE: [seul-edu] Comprehensive Student Management
> >
> > Doug
> >
> > I approach this from a slightly different angle. My main focus
> > is not really
> > on getting Linux desktops into the classrooms.  My focus is
> > getting teachers
> > the tools they need to help educate students, and students the
> > tools/help
> > they need to learn as much as they can.  I agree that Linux
> > desktops would
> > be the best option. They are in almost every respect superior
> > to anything
> > else available (IMO), and would provide a marvelous, hands on
> > learning
> > experience for interested students. However, I also believe
> > that the
> > teachers and students who need this type of help the most are
> > the ones least
> > able to afford the effort and cost of switching their machines
> > to a new
> > desktop.  I believe that it is better to take half steps and
> > improve the
> > situation incrementally, then to try and completely change the
> > world at a
> > stroke.
> >
> > I strongly believe that freeing up resources from IT can make
> > a world of
> > difference, particularly in the poorest schools.  Every little
> > bit helps.
> > Would education, particularly science related education, be
> > vastly better in
> > this country if students all ran Linux desktops.  Yes.  Would
> > education be
> > improved -even a little bit- by using Linux to assist teachers
> > in doing
> > their jobs better, by using Linux to free up financial
> > resources where ever
> > possible?  Yes, I believe so. Are small improvements
> > worthwhile, at even at
> > the cost of short term acceptance of Linux desktops?  Again, I
> > believe so.
> >
> >
> >
> > Kevin Raybould
> > Unix Engineer/Programmer
> > 3160 Directors Row
> > Memphis TN 38131
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