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RE: [seul-edu] Linux DTP

No longer beta - version 1 was released last month. See:




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Scribus: it's in beta, but is a "real" dtp as for PageMaker (with a
looot of absent advanced features, well, but is young) and it's gpl'd.
i've not tried yet, but a lot of people speak well about it.

I use Netscape composer for quick DTP.  You get WYSIWYG, all the HTML 
markup you'd desire, tables, hyperlinks, and ... javascript!
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     I downloaded and tried lyx. It doesn't seem to fit the bill either.

Besides the fact that it isn't true WYSIWYG and besides the irritating 
screen colors that I couldn't figure out how to change, it seems to work

with one continuous text frame from beginning to end. Instead, we need 
the ability to create multiple text frames of various sizes on each 
page, each one for a separate story and each individually linkable to 
other pages in the publication.
     PageMaker exactly suits the needs of this DTP class. Since it isn't

Linux, though, FrameMaker is the closest thing.
     Ruled out so far: Impress, Airstream, and Lyx. Still waiting for 
further response from icesculptor. Their demo is for i686, so they said 
they would recompile it for i386 and let me try it.
Dave Prentice
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Subject: Re: [seul-edu] Linux DTP


>    I checked out the "Impress" program, supposedly DTP, and wanted to
give a followup report. While the graphics capabilitites are excellent,
as far as DTP it's just a basic program you might use to create cards
and one-page flyers. The text capabilities are extremely limited -- just
a few lines here and there, with no capability to make and link frames.
It would be extremely hard to create anything like a newsletter or
booklet with it.
>    Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Hmm, I suppose Artstream would be too pricey at $295? 
(www.mediascape.com/products.html). It imports postscript. From the 
site: "Layout typography using any Type1 font. Flow multiple stories 
through Bezier based margins and text paths across multiple pages. 
Compose with customizable styles. Paragraph and character specifications

include precision controls for justification, leading, tabs, kerning, 
hyphenation, baselines, rotation, drop-shadows, transparency and

Alternatively Lyx maybe the best long-term investment (in learning

- Richard S

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