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Re: [seul-edu] Promotional activities in Mexico

Geee... Hi, Bill of "Tux of Math Command". I'm the coordinator of ENMAC LUG, 
and chief programmer of CircusTux.

Of course we know about your project... In fact, YOU ARE already an author of 
"CircusTux". How so? Well, In our program there is a cute Tux who is the 
circus presenter and guide... who is the same Tux that fires at operations in 
Math Command! It's the same penguin at different roles! 

We intended to send you our program as a surprise gift when finished, but 
since you already spoiled the fun ;)  let me gladly describe the functions of 

-It is a program aimed to children of first and second grades of elementary 

-It already has 3 modules. Each one has 9 levels of difficulty. In the first 
module, children learn to associate and match numbers and operations, in 
order to identify number relationships. In the second module, children test 
their memory playing in a memorama. In the third one children find number 
patterns. In all the modules they can practice addition and substraction with 
one to three digits, and multiplication with one to two digits.

-Each module is extensive in animation and sound effects, all of them inmersed 
in the delight of old, traditional circus music.

-The program will run in Spanish, English or French, and will be really easy 
to add new languages.

Here is a little screenshot of the main access (The real program runs at 

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