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[seul-edu] Promotional activities in Mexico

The ENMAC LUG of Zacatecas, Mexico, is going to offer the inaugural speech in 
the Second Festival GNU/Linux and Free Software, to be held in Guadalajara, 
Mexico. (http://fsl.glo.org.mx/programa.php). We were invited to do it 
because the slogan of the event is "Educación Libre con Software Libre" 
("Free Education with Free Software").

As members of SEUL/edu and SchoolForge, we plan our presentation as follows:

-The results of seven uninterrupted years of use of Linux in Escuela Normal 
"Manuel Avila Camacho" (our school)

-Demonstration of our old educative multimedia program (and unfortunately 
never released!), "My Multimedia Book of Mexican History"

-Presentation for the first time of our upcoming multimedia title, "CircusTux  
*First Grade Math for Linux*"

-Other samples of use of Linux in the world: the government and educative 
successes. The contents of the SEUL/edu casestudy.

-The activity of SEUL/edu and Schoolforge as coalitions to promote the use of 
Linux in education. 

-The contents of the SEUL/edu application index.

-A round of questions and answers.

Wish us luck next September 3!

Alejandro Diaz Infante
Coordinator of ENMAC Linux User Group
Zacatecas, Mexico.