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Re: [seul-edu] Announce of LibLingotTeach

Hi Hilaire,

Tue, 19 Aug 2003 11:50:26 +0200 <<>> Hilaire Fernandes
<hilaire@ext.cri74.org> :

> You may be interested to know about AssetML a project we started at
> OFSET. As far as I can understand AssetML is a complement piece to
> what you have done as it is about locating and referencing with some
> meta data low level resources as images, texte, video, sound. If you
> want to know more you can take a look at
> http://freeduc.linuxtag.uni-kl.de/cps/Public/devel/assetml/assetml_description/view

Sounds and looks interesting, although a first look lets me suggest,
that the paths are static. However, we will see, how and if it can fit
our needs (for the library and the purposes of it).

> You can contact directly Bruno Coudoin (bcoudoin@ofset.org), he
> started the project to use it for GCompris and I can imagine it can be
> usefull in other software where such low level ressources are used.

If there will be any question from my side towards it, I will do so.

Do you know, how 'wide-spreaded' the AssetML tool is? Is anything known
about its acceptance in projects (or any other subject) besides

Thanks for your information.


If you think the problem is bad now, just wait until we've solved it.
	-- Arthur Kasspe

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