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Re: [seul-edu] Brazilian anti-spam measures

Actually, you may not need to confirm every email sent to an UOL account.
There is an option to enable the sender after he/she confirm the first
e-mail. But this is an option only.
There is also another option to enable mail lists.
The problem is that most of the UOL users leave it into default.

Today there was a post at "Linux in Brazil", witch says that UOL is moving a
lawsuit against Mandic (another provider) claiming that Mandic has copied
UOL's spam system.
But Mandic says that it's system is based upon Marco Paganini's "Active Spam
Killer" (GPL).
http://brlinux.linuxsecurity.com.br/noticias/000745.html (portuguese)



> This stupid provider claims to have developed the best anti-spam vaccine
> in the world, which requires that you confirm every email sent to an UOL
> user in a web form, which basically makes these people an annoyance to
> mailing lists and impossible to mail from cell phones without a web
> browser. I expelled every @uol.com.br user from the mailing lists I manage
> (these are not related to SEUL / schoolforge). Their method avoids spam by
> avoiding reception of emails, much like rm / del provides 100% data
> compression. (People who pay for a crippled email service, tsk tsk)