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[seul-edu] Announce of LibLingotTeach


in the hope, that it will be of interest for some readers of this list,
I want to announce the official release of LibLingoteach 0.1.0.

LibLingoTeach is the previous core of the LingoTeach language teaching
application and especially designed for applications of this type.
We made it with the goal to provide a library, which is useful for us
(read: our project) as well as for (educational) language teaching
projects in general.

The current main features of the library are: 

* Capability of using multiple so called lesson files at one time
* Multiple language support for translations, based on a predefined
  language file
* Basic initializing functions for the library
* Sound playing support for ogg-vorbis files on POSIX compatible systems
* Addition of translations (meanings) in defined user files
* API reference for developers

Our main goal is to provide a library, which is capable to work on
single user desktops (using XML files as data and translation storage)
as well as in networks using a SQL interface to receive, modify and
store the data in a SQL database (focus is currently on PostgreSQL,
other interfaces are in mind, too - we try to keep the interfaces as
portable as possible). 
Features such as mnemonics usage, learning statistics and more are
planned, too, but no detailed concepts exist for them at the moment.

If you are interested in more information on this, I recommend you to


for more information about the library and 


for the project with all its components itself.

It would be great to hear some comments, critics, whatever else towards
the library and project, too.

Thanks and regards

If you think the problem is bad now, just wait until we've solved it.
	-- Arthur Kasspe

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