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Re: [seul-edu] Re: perl or......

On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, S. Barret Dolph wrote:
> How well does Latex work for formatting entire books?

Superbly, specially for technical books.

> How about exporting to Pdf?

Latex generates .pdf natively.

> Most printshops in Taiwan use
> Microsoft for everything.

Microsoft sucks. Latex is simply superb.

> It is easier to send Pdf files
> if I want to publish books. 

In the professional world Postscript is yet the number 1.

>Anyhow, currently I just print
> them at home and bind them at our school. How about images?

eps2pdf. Some of them are tricky, though. As with most things
of Latex world, things are not trivial nor excellent but
the quality is superb.

> How much do you mind people asking questions?

You can ask as many as you want. 

> PS. My wife and I visit Mexico every February for two weeks. We
> visit my parents in Cancun. I presume you live a good bit to the
> north of there.

I live a good bit to the east ---> Spain.  40 parallel or 37,
not sure. 3 degrees West.