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Re: [seul-edu] Re: perl or......

> >
> > Only fools prefer WYSIWYG over REAL typesetting systems.
> Can you provide some better reasoning than insulting rhetoric?
> I prefer GUIs to console for most things, but still do all my editing
> and file management in vi and Eterm. Does that make me only a partial
> fool?

I would tend to agree with z, that not everything must be done via a GUI.
There are sometimes (especially when you are dialed in at 28.8), that it
simply is not feasible to use gui editors and pipe the display to the
machine you are connecting from (provided it isn't blocked by the firewall
you are behind).

My first real experience with linux came with install slackware 3.x, and
it was nothing like the GUI based installs that redhat / mandrake have.

I had to custom compile almost everything, hand edit everything (either
via joe or vi), from the console--heck our online operations team (me and
one other person currently in Boston) even hand-compiled XFree86 and the kde
window manager.  It took 5 + days (8 - 5) over the weekends to get the box
ready to put into production.

With redhat / mandrake, I've had servers ready in a day or less...the
latest one I finished in about 3 hours (installing, updating, and getting
helix-gnome, which we've standardized on).

So, don't discount the value of console utilities, including vi, emacs,
joe, and pine.

Michael Viron
Chief System Administrator / Linux Consultant
Web Spinners, University of West Florida