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Re: [seul-edu] Re: perl or......

Thanks for the input. I currently use WP under wine and like it
better than Word. But I tend to know all my formats so even under
WP I type without most formats being shown. This has led me to
believe that I might look into LaTeX.

It seems that you have had great luck with Word. I didn't.

S. Barret Dolph
Taipei Taiwan

Chris Hedemark wrote:

> S. Barret Dolph said:
>> How well does Latex work for formatting entire books?
> Argggh!  I starting writing a book using KLyX (the KDE front end to Latex).
> Forget it.  I hate it.  I'd rather use MS Word (really!).  I've not been
> very impressed with any of the word processors I've seen on Linux yet
> compared to MS Word.  And I *have* written 200-300 page books in MS Word
> without difficulty.  It's actually pretty nice as it sets up your TOC,
> Index, footnotes, etc. all very easily and largely automatically.  Not
> tooting MS's horn here but just pointing out a big gaping hole that possibly
> exists in Linux tools.
> I've also offered to write documentation for Linux projects in the past and
> quickly lost enthusiasm when I found the best tools for writing DocBook
> documents are emacs and vi.  I want a WYSIWYG GUI so I can see what my
> readers will see.  Anything else is a waste of time, IMHO.