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[seul-edu] [Fwd: Weather measurements]

I received this yesterday from Xavier Calbet, who has given
permission to forward it to this list:

Xavier Calbet wrote:

>   Dear Doug,
>   I work for the spanish Instituto Nacional
> de Meteorologia and here we have some instruments
> of different types whose acquisition is taken
> with a computer program I wrote. I call it ADQ.
> I have not released it to the public yet, but I
> will do so soon (under GPL). The program has been
> working for about 6 months now with no
> severe flaws.
>   It is really an acquisition and control program.
> It consists of the acquisition and control program
> (called ADQ) which displays the data on a Web page,
> and two drivers for the data acquisition board
> (Meilhaus 26) and relay board (Meilhaus 63).
> What we do is feed the analog signals of the
> weather instruments into the data acquisition
> board and then read it with the program. Note
> that you can acquire with several equipments
> at the same time feeding the analog signal
> in parallel to the other  equipment besides the
> Linux computer.
>   All this has two "limitations": right now
> the drivers are only written for these two boards
> (see www.meilhaus.de) which theoretically are cheap,
> but are ISA boards. The drivers are written for
> the 2.0.x kernels, not for the recent 2.4.x kernels
> (I could not easily find the specs for this recent
> kernel).
>   If you are interested in this software please
> let me know. I can send you a copy of what I
> have right now if you wish. This would also
> encourage me to release it to the public
> (i just have to write a couple of READMEs,
> make the tar files and send it to the Linux
> Lab Project page).
>   Hope this helps.
>   Xavier Calbet
>   xcalbet@yahoo.es

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