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[seul-edu] Open source school management tool.

Hi there!

Greetings from sunny South Africa!

I work for a newly formed charitable organisation called The
Shuttleworth Foundation.

Many of the schools in SA are situated in rural areas and the staff have
very limited management skills. They have difficulty in getting together
a school roster, work schedules, admission forms and all the miriad
little things that make schools work efficiently. Many schools have just
one basic compter that has to be all things to all people, and skills
are extremely limited.

We have liaised with the Dept of Education and identified the need for
an easy to manage software tool that enables the headmaster out at a
farm school to manage his operation properly, have instant access to
help and get in touch with the Education Dept at the press of a button.
It also needs to be accessable to the Dept. so that they can know at any
time what the grassroots problems are. At the moment, they are for the
most part relying on the postal service, which is just this side of
carrier pigeons in efficiency.
To address this problem, we have agreed to build an open source school
management tool that will address these problems.

Does anybody out there know whether something like this has been built
before and where I could get hold of the relevant information?
Will appreciate  all the help we can get!

Ronelle Shuttleworth
H.B.D.Management Services
Ph. +27 21 970 1008
Fax:  +27 21 975 0730