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[seul-edu] Star Office Color Printing

Hi Seul Folks:

I'm having some printing problems, and I'm not sure where to begin
troubleshooting.  Our school received several new computers, making it 
possible for us to run Star Office for teachers and the principal - as well 
as for some of the students.  Today, I had the students printing out bar 
graphs.  They loved it, until the pages came out of the printer......

For most programs such as KWord, printing works fine.  Star Office (5.2 RPM 
from Mandrake 7.1) prints fine, except for pictures and some color items such 
as charts. It's hard to describe, but parts of an image will have good color,
other parts move too quickly into grey scale.  Photos are almost all grey
scale (the same photo in KWord prints fine).  Charts in Star Office will
have a nice solid color for the background, and then the bars will be

I am using CUPS, with the generic driver in Star Office.  I have also tried
other built-in Epson drivers, with the same results.  I tried Star Office on
different Mandrake 7.2 machines and printers, with the same results.  "Color"
is turned on in Spadmin, with a depth of 24 (I also tried 8), postscript
level 1 (I also tried 2).  The printers I have tried are the Epson 740 and
Epson Stylus Color II.

While searching Deja news, I found one notice by a fellow who had the same
problem, but had no solution. I searched the Sun FAQ/troubleshooting pages
and they said if there was a color problem, turn color on in Spadmin (it was
already on).

Since I have the problem on multiple machines, I assume that others have
experienced this same problem.

Any suggestions?

Robert Maynord