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Re: [seul-edu] "StarOffice goes to school" article online

Hi there!
Thank you for your information. I have had several useful 'blips' and will
follow up on all of them. Hope to start building as soon as we have the
research done. I would like to prevent our team from re-inventing the wheel,
so it is very useful to put a pebble in the pond to see what happens!

Karl wrote:

> http://www.linuxworld.com/linuxworld/lw-2000-12/lw-12-staroffice2.html
> Summary:
> Universities around the world are using the newly
> open sourced StarOffice as an alternative
> to Microsoft-based file compatibility. Paired with
> Linux, universities can also use StarOffice
> to resurrect old systems that lack the power to
> handle other uses. This article explores the
> facets of open software in educational settings, and
> asks what Sun hopes to gain by targeting
> universities for StarOffice distribution. (1,600 words)
> </QUOTE>
> I am sorry if this URL already passed through on the SEUL-EDU thread, I've
> been temporarily rejected from my SEUL-subscribed email-account
> (karl@newmedia.slc.edu).
> Please fell free to contact me at: jackal@raptor.slc.edu if you need me
> for anything.
> --Karl
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