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Re: [seul-edu] Star Office Color Printing

On Fri, 8 Dec 2000, Tom Hoffman wrote:
> > I'm having some printing problems, and I'm not sure where to begin
> > troubleshooting.  Our school received several new computers, making it
> > possible for us to run Star Office for teachers and the principal - as well
> > as for some of the students.  Today, I had the students printing out bar
> > graphs.  They loved it, until the pages came out of the printer......
> > 
> > For most programs such as KWord, printing works fine.  Star Office (5.2 RPM
> > from Mandrake 7.1) prints fine, except for pictures and some color items such
> > as charts. It's hard to describe, but parts of an image will have good color,
> > other parts move too quickly into grey scale.

I've never used Star Office, but ...
Try to export drawings into Postscript or any other format, 
then print that drawings. With these you'll guess:

a) If it's fault of ghostscript driver.
b) If it's fault of the driver.
c) If it's fault of the printer.

If you can see the bar graphs in .jpg and they look good, and you
can print those .jpg (using xv , for example), then it's fault
of the Staroffice "renderer". But if .jpg's doesn't look good it's
a general fault of the StarOffice "drawing engine". 

Anyway, always it's a good idea to do several conversions/changes
to isolate which "element" of the "chain" is the faulty.

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