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Re: [seul-edu] Star Office Color Printing - Tom

on 12/8/00 7:26 AM, Robert Maynord at maynord@terracom.net wrote:

> Tom:
> I am using the most recent (2.01) version of KDE/Office.  I very much like
> KWord's layout and what it will potentially do.  Of course, it will run and
> load quickly on any machine that is comfortable with KDE.  But, I have
> discovered that it also will run in IceWM Mandrake 7.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't
> think it's supposed to work -- but it does.

I have installed and fiddled with KWord on my IceWM setup.  It tends to
complain about the DCOP server, or lack thereof, and I haven't quite figured
out what that means, but I think it has to do with sharing information
between KDE applications.  My understanding is that as long as you have the
right library files, KOffice is intended to be able to stand alone.  I'd
feel better if I had a DCOP server running, though, or at least understood
what it was.

> I tried using KWord on multiple machines in my school.  I works OK if you're
> doing simple text work.  But that's about all.  When you try to insert
> pictures and move text around, it crashes frequently.  I had one teacher
> trying to create a test using it, and when she used the space bar to create
> answer lines, KWord locked up  (not good for my job scene). I decided that
> Star Office was where it's at -- at least for now.
It sounds like is probably behind AbiWord in terms of stability.  On the
other hand, KWord will likely have more features eventually.  AbiWord 7.12
will be out very soon, by the way, although it isn't a major upgrade.  I
will be waiting for people to make a slimmed down OpenOffice word processor,
since Star Office is just too big for my machines.