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Re: [seul-edu] Star Office Color Printing - Tom


I am using the most recent (2.01) version of KDE/Office.  I very much like 
KWord's layout and what it will potentially do.  Of course, it will run and 
load quickly on any machine that is comfortable with KDE.  But, I have 
discovered that it also will run in IceWM Mandrake 7.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't 
think it's supposed to work -- but it does.

I tried using KWord on multiple machines in my school.  I works OK if you're 
doing simple text work.  But that's about all.  When you try to insert 
pictures and move text around, it crashes frequently.  I had one teacher 
trying to create a test using it, and when she used the space bar to create 
answer lines, KWord locked up  (not good for my job scene). I decided that 
Star Office was where it's at -- at least for now.  


On Friday 08 December 2000 15:50, you wrote:
> Robert,
> I'm planning on installing and trying KWord soon.  Can you tell me a little
> more about how it is working for you?  Does it run well on older hardware?
> What version are you using?
> Can't help you with your problem, unfortunately.
> Thanks,
> --Tom Hoffman
> on 12/7/00 11:45 AM, Robert Maynord at maynord@terracom.net wrote:
> > Hi Seul Folks:
> >
> > I'm having some printing problems, and I'm not sure where to begin
> > troubleshooting.  Our school received several new computers, making it
> > possible for us to run Star Office for teachers and the principal - as
> > well as for some of the students.  Today, I had the students printing out
> > bar graphs.  They loved it, until the pages came out of the printer......
> >
> > For most programs such as KWord, printing works fine.  Star Office (5.2
> > RPM from Mandrake 7.1) prints fine, except for pictures and some color
> > items such as charts. It's hard to describe, but parts of an image will
> > have good color, other parts move too quickly into grey scale.  Photos
> > are almost all grey scale (the same photo in KWord prints fine).  Charts
> > in Star Office will have a nice solid color for the background, and then
> > the bars will be greyscale!
> >
> > I am using CUPS, with the generic driver in Star Office.  I have also
> > tried other built-in Epson drivers, with the same results.  I tried Star
> > Office on different Mandrake 7.2 machines and printers, with the same
> > results.  "Color" is turned on in Spadmin, with a depth of 24 (I also
> > tried 8), postscript level 1 (I also tried 2).  The printers I have tried
> > are the Epson 740 and Epson Stylus Color II.
> >
> > While searching Deja news, I found one notice by a fellow who had the
> > same problem, but had no solution. I searched the Sun FAQ/troubleshooting
> > pages and they said if there was a color problem, turn color on in
> > Spadmin (it was already on).
> >
> > Since I have the problem on multiple machines, I assume that others have
> > experienced this same problem.
> >
> > Any suggestions?
> >
> >
> > Robert Maynord
> >
> > -------------------------------------------------------