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Re: [seul-edu] Open configurationfor a school and applications (also need for help)

Le Lundi 11 Décembre 2000 13:23, vous avez écrit :
> Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:
> > About LOGO, we have a need for help: there is need a free, open-source,
> > multilingual LOGO that runs on GNU/Linux. There are some open, but not
> > multilingual. Apparently there is a good, pretty windows version that is
> > open-source : MSWLogo (see http://www.softronix.com/logo.html for info
> > and sources)
> >
> > It is written Borland C++ 5.02 and exists in English, German ,
> > Portuguese, Japanese and French.
> >

Thank you Doug for the comments.

> You should look at glogo <http://laguna.fmedic.unam.mx/~daniel/glogo/>. 
> It's a frontend for ucblogo.  Both these programs are under the GPL
> license, I believe.

I had already. 

First, about the license, MSWlogo is ALSO GPL. It is also based on ucblogo

From my point of view, the problem with ucblogo and glogo, respectively the 
the engine and the GUI is that they are unilingual and also less developped 
than MSWlogo. 

By using MSWlogo, we could the production of a large community already.

We are already investigating a port of MSWlogo with vxWindows
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