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Re: [seul-edu] New educational section in GNU

>>>>> "Vladimir" == Vladimir Tamara <vtamara@gnu.org> writes:

In my previous email I missed to explain the particular reason why GNU
cannot link Seul/Edu in this moment.  In http://www.gnu.org/server/ it

  Just as we do not install  proprietary software, we have a policy of
  not  making links  to pages  that promote  proprietary  programs. We
  cannot make proprietary software  disappear by not talking about it;
  information  about  proprietary software  is  widely available,  and
  people who  want it  will get it  somehow. But  we prefer not  to be
  participants in the process of advertising the proprietary software.

(If you find a link to  a place that promotes non-free software in the
GNU web pages, please let us know  because it is a bug.  If you find a
GNU program  in a place  where non-free software  is promoted it  is a
missunderstanding and also please let us know).

As I  expressed in my  previous email, I  wish that Seul/Edu,  GNU and
seveal  other projects  could work  in team.   If Seul/Edu  decides to
support also the values of free software and the position of GNU as it
supports currently  the installation  of GNU/Linux in  schools, please
let me know to add links to the Seul/Edu web pages from the GNU server
and to look for other ways to cooperate.
I personally work in some projects  that I would like to see as parent
projects of  Seul/Edu, but  for me also  the values are  too important
(the projects  where I'm involved  now are Structio, SLEC,  GNU Typist
and the section education of GNU).

Best regards.

  Vladimir Támara Patiño.
  Home Page: http://www.bigfoot.com/~vtamara
  GPG Key: http://euclides.uniandes.edu.co/~v-tamara/gpgkey.html