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[seul-edu] New Year's resolutions

There's a tradition here in the US that on New Year's Day you
make resolutions about what you'll try to accomplish during the
new year just started.  I'd like to get  ideas from the people
here about what they're resolved to do with Linux and free
software in education in 2001.  Please think about it and post
your goals here for everyone to see!  We promise not to hold you
to your resolutions.  A further tradition here is that New
Year's resolutions are like political campaign promises--not
very often fulfilled.  But that doesn't mean that they shouldn't
be worked toward!

I'll start.  I hope to install and maintain my first lab of old
Macintoshes converted into Debian-based XTerminals in a local
community center here.  I'd like to promote and assist in the
creation of a local LUG in my area (especially if I can keep
from being the primary force behind its continuation).  I want
to see SEUL/edu reaching out and attending more non-Linux and
non-OSS educational conferences to get our message and our
vision out to the broader educational community.  I'd also like
to actually _work_ on my Alterra educational economic simulation
<http://cran.seul.org/~dloss/alterra.html> that I mentioned here
a long time ago.

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