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RE: [seul-edu] New Year's resolutions

I resolve to help my school and county move to using OSS and Linux in there
server systems and computer labs. I also want to enhance educational
programing to make it easier for teachers to learn and use.

Jason Mellen

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> Subject: [seul-edu] New Year's resolutions
> There's a tradition here in the US that on New Year's Day you
> make resolutions about what you'll try to accomplish during the
> new year just started.  I'd like to get  ideas from the people
> here about what they're resolved to do with Linux and free
> software in education in 2001.  Please think about it and post
> your goals here for everyone to see!  We promise not to hold you
> to your resolutions.  A further tradition here is that New
> Year's resolutions are like political campaign promises--not
> very often fulfilled.  But that doesn't mean that they shouldn't
> be worked toward!
> I'll start.  I hope to install and maintain my first lab of old
> Macintoshes converted into Debian-based XTerminals in a local
> community center here.  I'd like to promote and assist in the
> creation of a local LUG in my area (especially if I can keep
> from being the primary force behind its continuation).  I want
> to see SEUL/edu reaching out and attending more non-Linux and
> non-OSS educational conferences to get our message and our
> vision out to the broader educational community.  I'd also like
> to actually _work_ on my Alterra educational economic simulation
> <http://cran.seul.org/~dloss/alterra.html> that I mentioned here
> a long time ago.
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