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[seul-edu] ISO--autopackage for an installer?

I know it may not look like it to the casual observer, but the ISO project is continuing to move forward. I'd like to get some opinions from you all.

One of the goals of the ISO project is to be distribution-neutral. We've taken that to mean that all the software we package should be available as RPMs, DEBs, and TGZs, so they can be installed on any distro that uses any of these systems. I've been looking at Synaptic <http://www.nongnu.org/synaptic/> as an installer that we could use for all these packages.

I've recently found out about autopackage <http://autopackage.org/>. It's intended to be a distro-neutral installer with many nice features. I wonder if it might not be the best way for us to go.

Here's one thing I'm not sure of. Another goal of our project is to have our repository of educational apps be available to the distro makers to adapt and include in their distros if they choose to do so. Would going with something like autopackage make this much more difficult or preclude it entirely? If so, would the benefits of autopackage outweigh the costs?

Please take a look at both Synaptic and autopackage (and any other installers you know about that you think might be useful) and give us your thoughts. Thanks, everyone.

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