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Re: [seul-edu] [Fwd: [LinuxInAfrica] LINK: GNU/Linux in education...]

Correct me if I'm wrong but this is, or is in part, what you'd like to achieve with the SEUL distro? You'd like to have a knoppix like distro with the best education apps on it?

checking http://www.seul.org/pub/hosting.html
*Seul-Edu Projects

*I wasn't able to find anything specifically addressing the CD phase1,phase11 etc. project.

I recognize the page hasn't been updated in a bit but is the African edu. project similar to what you envision for SEUL?


*******Setup a Computer Lab within 30 minutes from a single CD********

Looking for volunteers to test it

The GLUE CD, a collection of some educational software and documentation, now has pre-configured GNU/Linux System on it. As earlier you can browse the CD but now you can boot from it and Install a GNU/Linux system from it within 30 minutes. If there are no other systems required on the same harddisk, the process is fully automated.

Otherwise you can make partitions manually and install. Those who have valuable data on disk cannot go for the first option

On reboot you get a RedHat7.3 installation with OpenOffice, Compilers for different languages and other programs. A Terminal Server also is installed and configured, ie. It can support disk-less terminals if you have a network card. Floppy Boot files and ROM imaes for diskless PCs are also included with a lot of documentation.

If anybody interested in testing it and give feedback, send me your postal address so that a CD can be send to you.

Please forward to other related mailing lists.

With regards