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[seul-edu] The SpiTux Project

Dear Everyone,

I am writing to introduce you to the SpiTux Project.  SpiTux stands 
for Spitak (a small town in Armenia, once leveled after the 1988 
earthquake), plus Tux, our old friend.  I've started the SpiTux 
Project, a computer lab in Spitak, primarily intended for school-age 
kids and their teachers (more than a hundred people attend classes 
there now!)  I've bought the equipment for the lab and moved to 
Spitak to teach -- we've had classes since October 1, 2002.  I've 
also found some fellow volunteers from Yerevan, the capital of 
Armenia, that have been helping out with the teaching and the setup 
of the lab.  Our lab's the first facility for kids in Armenia that 
uses Linux!

The SpiTux Opening Ceremony was on November 29 (attended by many, 
even the Governor of Lori, the province Spitak is in, and featured 
on 4 different TV stations! -- there's a photo-account on our 
website, http://SpiTux.home.att.net, as well as samples of kids' and 
grown-up's work, most notably some extremely cute animations, and a 
childrens' newspaper).  I myself come from Yerevan, and an alumna of 
the University of Illinois CS and Math grad schools.

I'd be very glad to hear from you, with any 


Anoush Najarian
The SpiTux Project
1, Shvetsarakan
Spitak, Armenia
Tel. (055) 23791
YSU Networking