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Re: [seul-edu] The SpiTux Project

From Nobody, Sun Dec 15, at  3:18:
 .I am writing to introduce you to the SpiTux Project.  SpiTux stands 
 .for Spitak (a small town in Armenia, once leveled after the 1988 
 .earthquake), plus Tux, our old friend.  I've started the SpiTux 
 .Project, a computer lab in Spitak, primarily intended for school-age 
 .kids and their teachers (more than a hundred people attend classes 
 .there now!)  I've bought the equipment for the lab and moved to 
 .Spitak to teach -- we've had classes since October 1, 2002.  I've 
 .also found some fellow volunteers from Yerevan, the capital of 
 .Armenia, that have been helping out with the teaching and the setup 
 .of the lab.  Our lab's the first facility for kids in Armenia that 
 .uses Linux!

Congratulations for your work!
It would be nice to set up a european summer camp in Spitak, next summmer.
Well, it is just an idea, for the moment...

Best regards 

Paolo Pumilia

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