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Re: [seul-edu] New Educational Applications

Hi everyone

First of all, happy holidays  !

That being said, has anybody tried to download or get source code on
PortalXP web page ?

Maybe it's GPL, but it's hard to tell when you're unable to download a

Benoit St-André
Conseiller pédagogique en technologies de l'information et de la
Animateur,  RÉCIT des Affluents
(450) 492-9400 poste 4536
courriel: benoit.st-andre@fc.csaffluents.qc.ca

>Name: PortalXP
>Description: This is a set of scripts for running PHP4/MySQL server.
>Students can look up new homework and schedules. Teachers can edit
>assignments, schedules and a calendar.
>Author: Richard Brynteson
>Homepage: http://www.portalxp.org/
>License: GNU Public License
>Category: Intranet