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Re: [seul-edu] Formula Editor for handicaped High-School student.

Jan Lühr wrote:


currently we ar looking for a formula editor for one of our stundents.'cause of an handicap he is forced to do every work on his ibook.
Is there a formula-editor, whose handling is quite simular to a sheet, does no calculating and print formulas in the way the user typed 'em? By that, I mean, that the student should be able to edit the formulas in a print-like view.
Although it doesn't fit your description to a T, OpenOffice has fairly good formula editor, which one could use to edit with and watch the results in the document editor. (If the refresh rate of the document window is too slow, you can force it to refresh the formula your currently editing via the F5 key.)

As of 1.1.0, it's built into the "Writer" (name?) portion of the suite, and can be accessed by the menu bar at the top, under Insert --> Object --> Formula.

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