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[seul-edu] ACollab 1.0 Released

The creators of ATutor, the accessible adaptive learning content management system, are pleased to announce the inaugural release of ACollab.

ACollab is an access standards compliant, Open Source, multi-group Web-based collaborative work environment, available free for most uses. ACollab is ideal for groups working at a distance developing documentation, collaborating on research, or writing joint papers. ACollab is available as a standalone application, and will be available as an addon for ATutor in an upcoming release. 

Features in this release include:

* Document Drafting Room
* Shared Documents Library
* Events Calendar
* News & Announcements Editor
* Group Members Index
* Personal Contacts List
* Accessible Chat & Forums
* Context Sensitive Help
* English & French (more language to come)
* WCAG & Section 508 Accessible
* Group Leader Functionality
* System Administrator Functionality

For more about ACollab visit the ATutor.ca Web site at the links listed below:

ACollab Info:

ACollab Demos

ACollab Download

ATutor Update:
The next version of ATutor (1.3.2) is only a couple weeks away. Some of the added features in the upcoming release will include:

* SCORM conformant content packaging
* New look and feel for ATutor administrative screens
* New content editor with added functionality