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[seul-edu] good Live CD for 5-8 year old school students (maybe with kdeedu)?

My son's teacher has several old computers that she wants to use. I
haven't looked yet at them but I am meeting with her tomorrow. I don't
know if they have operating systems.

Does any one of a ready-to-use live CD that has educational activities for
five- to eight-year-old children?

(Maybe with tuxpaint, gcompris, kdeedu and others? And kword or abiword
word processor too.)

Please share your experiences or links to reviews or links to projects.

I did find ViruX http://foo.unix.se/virux/packages.html which has kdeedu,
but I don't know if its menus and interfaces are in English or Swedish by

I also see freeduc http://www.ofset.org/freeduc-cd (but it doesn't have
kdeedu) which appears to be a knoppix-clone.

Should I try these? Any others I should quickly try?

Thank you,

   Jeremy C. Reed