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Re: [seul-edu] good Live CD for 5-8 year old school students (maybewith kdeedu)?

On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Doug Loss wrote:

> > Does any one of a ready-to-use live CD that has educational activities for
> > five- to eight-year-old children?
> > Should I try these? Any others I should quickly try?
> Take a look at OSEF's Knoppix for Kids

Thank you. That works great. My wife liked it!

I can't get to the Tux4Kids webpage and I don't see a webpage at OSEF
about it.

I am looking for a specification webpage that lists all the software
possibly provides the menus and customizations for it. Does anyone know
where this CD is documented?

I liked the CD and now I want to make a meta-package for NetBSD pkgsrc so
someone can do "pkg_add osef-kids" (or whatever the package will be
called) and it will install all the packages from pkgsrc (if they are
already there) and set up menus the same.

   Jeremy C. Reed