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[seul-edu] ANNOUNCE: 2003 End of Year Comments / Releases for GEO (Repost in Text Only)

General Education Online Remains Committed to Development, Achieves 2003
The Internet (2004-02-05) - General Education Education reiterated it's
commitment to open-source during 2003, releasing several new versions for
the development version of v3 available from
http://devel.findaschool.org/releases/ , and opening up its research and
development site to the public at http://devel.findaschool.org .  In the
past several days, General Education Online has continued extensive
re-engineering to address several key visitor functionality requests,
including searching.  GEO remains committed to releasing version 3 of the
site sometime during Q4 of 2004, although no firm deadlines have been set
for the rollout.
For the year ending December 31st, 2003, General Education Online received
2.62 million website hits, with a total of 479,423 unique visits downloading
approximately 46 GB of information.  GEO experienced a slight slowing in
growth during 2003, dropping to a 16.24% increase over a year ago in total
website hits, although total unique visitors were up by 20.84%, a small
increase over 2002.
Total statistics through the end of December, 2003 reached 7.40 million
website hits, 1.53 million visitors, and bandwidth usage totaling slightly
over 120 GB.  GEO currently lists 8,528 education facilities in 186
countries and territories around the world, expecting to grow beyond 10,000
entries by Q4 this year.
Michael Viron
Project Manager & Primary Developer
General Education Online