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Re: [seul-edu] Introductions

On Sun, 2 Jan 2000, Chris Lehmann wrote:

> I'm also the Project Manager for the soon-to-be launched
> education.linux.com site. We're building the beta of the site now for a
> mid-month launch date. After reading through archives and checking out
> a lot of the sites mentioned here, I'd love e.l.c to be able to do PR for
> all the great projects you all are doing here. I think we could work
> together to promote awareness of what is going on with linux in schools,
> both to the larger linux community, and more importantly, to more schools
> all over the world.
We'll be happy to work with e.l.c to further Linux in education in every
way we can.  We've tried to make SEUL/edu very inclusive of all
viewpoints and open to other groups interested in Linux in education. 
The task is large enough that it can use all our help; I'd hate to see
Not-Invented-Here attitudes and turf wars lessen all of our impacts.  Of
course, we'd like to make sure that all the groups know about what the
others are doing so they don't inadvertently "reinvent the wheel."

> Anyway, I'm very excited to be on this list-serv, and I look forward to
> talking to people about their projects.

Since you're new to the mailing list, I should mention that we've set up
separate mailing lists for various task groups.  These lists focus on
specific aspects of education and are (or will be) used for work-related
discussion in those areas.  All the lists are <@seul.org>, and the task
groups with lists set up are (forgive me if I forget anyone):

mathtg--for mathematics software
quiztg--for testing software, flashcards, etc.
scitg--for science software
advotg--for advocacy work
wwwtg--for WWW-related course material
langtg--for language learning software (native and foreign)
docutg--for documentation work (for the educational community)
eduttg--for "edutainment" software

We additionally have task groups for administrative software and
elementary-education software, but I don't think there have been mailing
lists set up for those yet.  I'd also like to start a task group for
translation of educational documentation and programs into many
languages, but that one hasn't started yet.  You can subscribe to any of
these mailing lists by sending an email message to <majordomo@seul.org>
with a message body of "subscribe mathtg" (or whatever mailing list you
want to join).  The lists have been quiet during the end-of-year
holidays, but I hope they'll pick up as the group leaders contact their
members for some productive work.

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