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Re: [seul-edu] Introductions

On Tue, 4 Jan 2000, Doug Loss wrote:

> We'll be happy to work with e.l.c to further Linux in education in every
> way we can.  We've tried to make SEUL/edu very inclusive of all

Woo hoo! :-)

> viewpoints and open to other groups interested in Linux in education. 
> The task is large enough that it can use all our help; I'd hate to see
> Not-Invented-Here attitudes and turf wars lessen all of our impacts.  Of

Definitely! And what I want to do is promote the work that all the various
people are doing here... hopefully more people could use it then, more
people could get involved with working on the projects, too.

What I'd love is if one or two folks wanted to volunteer to be our
reporters on seul-edu projects. I'd love to have a news blurb or two every
week on status reports on what projects are going on, where they are, just
a short one or two paragraph write up and a link to the project home page,
stuff like there... there are, of course, other writing projects to be
done for the site, writing longer features, writing HOW-TOs on how to set
stuff up for a school server, etc... (like maybe how to install and run
one of the projects someone has done here?)

But if anyone is interested in being a staff writer for e.l.c., please
email me -- clehmann@beaconschool.org -- and we can get you involved. 

> course, we'd like to make sure that all the groups know about what the
> others are doing so they don't inadvertently "reinvent the wheel."


> Since you're new to the mailing list, I should mention that we've set up
> separate mailing lists for various task groups.  These lists focus on
> specific aspects of education and are (or will be) used for work-related
> discussion in those areas.  All the lists are <@seul.org>, and the task
> groups with lists set up are (forgive me if I forget anyone):

<lists snipped> 

Looks like I'm subscribing to some new lists. :-)

So... if you want to volunteer to be a staff writer / reporter for e.l.c,
please drop me a line. It looks like there is so much great stuff going on
here that we really will need someone to be in charge of reporting the
latest and greatest of projects getting talked about on here. *whee*

-- Chris