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Re: [seul-edu] Introductions

Chris Lehmann wrote:
> What I'd love is if one or two folks wanted to volunteer to be our
> reporters on seul-edu projects. I'd love to have a news blurb or two every
> week on status reports on what projects are going on, where they are, just
> a short one or two paragraph write up and a link to the project home page,
> stuff like there... there are, of course, other writing projects to be
> done for the site, writing longer features, writing HOW-TOs on how to set
> stuff up for a school server, etc... (like maybe how to install and run
> one of the projects someone has done here?)
Well (drum roll please), I'm going to be writing weekly report on Linux
in education (at least SEUL/edu's take on it) for Linux Weekly News.  I
haven't mentioned it here before because I wanted to see if I could find
enough to say for a weekly report.  Now that I'm pretty sure I can I'm
making it public.  As for updates on our projects, you're certainly
welcome to get whatever info you can from our project leaders (sometimes
they're a bit pressed for time themselves and can't respond as
frequently as you'd like).  The HOWTOs on using Linux in schools are
_exactly_ what Bill tihen's documentation task group is working on; you
should work closely with them, I think.

> But if anyone is interested in being a staff writer for e.l.c., please
> email me -- clehmann@beaconschool.org -- and we can get you involved.

I encourage anyone interested in this to take part.  It sounds like
e.l.c will be a news and portal site (perhaps similar to OpenClassroom
<http://www.openclassroom.org>), where SEUL/edu is more a discussion and
projects site.  I think both can complement the other.

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