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Re: [seul-edu] EduML questions

  >> Doug Loss writes:

  DL> On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, "Culp, David" wrote:

  >> No problem...............I actually thought about GTK when I
  >> started, I like the way Qt handles a few things. [...]
  >> Hmmmm.....maybe I will switch to GTK..... I Like C a WHOLE bunch
  >> more than C++!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  DL> You guys do realize there are two other gradebook projects
  DL> listed on our projects page, right?  You should also contact
  DL> Bradley Burnside and Justin Maurer directly and see if they'd
  DL> like to fold their work into your new-n-improved Linux
  DL> gradebook.  I haven't heard from Justin is a long while, but
  DL> Bradley is still hoping to work on his gradebook but is kept
  DL> from it by other priorities.  One or both of them may be very
  DL> interested in joining you.

I have listened to my husband complain for three years now
about no gradebook for linux.  Personally I don't care what language
is used I just wish someone would get a finished program out!

If y'all really want linux to make it in the school system this
is one of the critical programs that are needed.  It doesn't have
to be a mamoth program to run a whole school - just something that
will keep a gradebook for an individual teacher.  It doesn't have
to do html - it doesn't have to be web accessable.  There have
been programs for the mac and pc that have done this for over ten years.

Connie Neal

"Never trust anything that can think for itself
if you can't see where it keeps its brain?"
J. K. Rowling