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Re: RE: [seul-edu] EduML questions

On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, "Culp, David" wrote:

> No problem...............I actually thought about GTK when I started, I like
> the way Qt handles a few things. [...]
> Hmmmm.....maybe I will switch to GTK..... I Like C a WHOLE bunch more than
> C++!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys do realize there are two other gradebook projects listed on our
projects page, right?  You should also contact Bradley Burnside and Justin Maurer
directly and see if they'd like to fold their work into your new-n-improved Linux
gradebook.  I haven't heard from Justin is a long while, but Bradley is still
hoping to work on his gradebook but is kept from it by other priorities.  One or
both of them may be very interested in joining you.

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