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Re: [seul-edu] SEUL/edu usefullness today - document discussion

> > To do this I would need help from you all.  You with usefull applications,
> > and absolutely the ones who use this at a school or have contacts with those
> > who do.. otherwise most of it will be pure speculations.
> This is where we need some case studies.  Could those of you already
> using Linux write up something about how you're using it and what
> benefits (and problems) you've found.  Send your write-ups to Fredrik
> and to the mailing list, please.  You can rest assured that they'll be
> used in some way.
It would be a good idea to thumb through the archives and collect the posts
that people sent about this sort of thing long ago, and actually make a list
of them and link to it from www.seul.org/edu/. This would convince more
people that their case studies would actually be used, I think. 

I've collected the seul-edu archives (including the task group lists) and
put a tar.gz of them at

Beware, it's 22 megs uncompressed. :)