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Re: Re: [seul-edu] SEUL/edu usefullness today - document discussion

On Sat, 8 Jan 2000, Roger R Dingledine wrote:
> It would be a good idea to thumb through the archives and collect the posts
> that people sent about this sort of thing long ago, and actually make a list
> of them and link to it from www.seul.org/edu/. This would convince more
> people that their case studies would actually be used, I think. 
> I've collected the seul-edu archives (including the task group lists) and
> put a tar.gz of them at
> http://www.mirrors.seul.org/seul-edu-archives.tar.gz
> Beware, it's 22 megs uncompressed. :)
We started on something like this back in late November, but haven't pursued
it.  We wanted to go through the archives and pull out discussions on common
threads, then combine them into documents giving the "sense of SEUL/edu" on various
topics.  Those would then be easier for newcomers and casual browsers to go
through than reading through the email archives.  The case studies would be one
instance of that.  This is a fairly large task, so it will require some assistance
from a number of us.  Ian Bicking started working up a list of topics we could
filter on from the subjects on the mailing list messages; I can put that up here
for you to see.  I think it needs condensing into fewer, broader categories, which
is one part of why we haven't gone further with it yet.

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