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Re: Re: Re: [seul-edu] Interesting reading

On Fri,  7 Jan 2000, jeff covey wrote:

> >>>>> "Doug" == Doug Loss <dloss@suscom.net> writes:

>     Doug> Would it help if we have someone go through the archives and
>     Doug> send URLs to the pertinent messages to your person, or would
>     Doug> you rather do that yourself (Jeff)?
> you can pass anything of interest along to daniel pearson,
> dpears2@umbc.edu.

Would anyone here volunteer to do this?  It's a fairly straightforward task;
just go through our email archives sequentially and cut and paste from any message
that mentions "new educational application" or some variant of that.  I'd do it
myself, but I'm a bit overloaded right now with other things for SEUL/edu.  If
you'd like to take this on, send me a private message at dloss@seul.org or
dloss@suscom.net, so I can coordinate it and keep poor Daniel from getting multiple
copies of the same entry.

>     Doug> I wonder if it might not be the best investment of
>     Doug> everybody's time for us to forward any discoveries we make
>     Doug> to you for inclusion and then link into Freshmeat's search
>     Doug> engine for our software page.
> you're more than welcome to do this.  you can also submit any new
> items directly by clicking on the "contribute" link.  (this saves
> daniel quite a bit of work, which is not important now but will be
> once school starts again.  :)
Once we have the section up to date according to what we've previously
mentioned here, we'll certainly do that.  

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