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Re: Re: [seul-edu] Interesting reading

[excessive quoting for daniel's benefit.]

>>>>> "Doug" == Doug Loss <dloss@suscom.net> writes:

    jeff> there are console/education and x11/education categories in
    jeff> freshmeat now.  one of our workers has been assigned the
    jeff> task of adding everything from the seul education page to
    jeff> it, but we'll welcome any submissions of other apps that
    jeff> should be there.

    Doug> Our software page is way out of date, but it's probably a
    Doug> good place to start.  We have an infrastructure project
    Doug> going to get a searchable database of software up and
    Doug> running, but it's dependent on the schedule of the fellow
    Doug> who is actively designing it and I'm not sure how quickly it
    Doug> will be ready.

    Doug> We have a number of posts in our email archives about Linux
    Doug> apps that have some educational uses; most of them haven't
    Doug> made our software page.  I've been holding off on adding
    Doug> them till the database is ready (who wants to do all that
    Doug> work twice?), but since you're doing something similar to
    Doug> our database right now, perhaps now is the time to go back
    Doug> through the archives and glean the info about apps from
    Doug> them.  It should be fairly easy to add them to your records,
    Doug> since most of them came from Freshmeat announcements anyway.

    Doug> Would it help if we have someone go through the archives and
    Doug> send URLs to the pertinent messages to your person, or would
    Doug> you rather do that yourself (Jeff)?

you can pass anything of interest along to daniel pearson,
dpears2@umbc.edu.  if it's already in freshmeat, it's just a matter of 
changing the category, so we can move things around very quickly and
have a good repository of educational apps in no time at all.

    Doug> Also, how quickly do you expect to have this ready?

it's been ready.  :)  just look at the categories in the appindex.

    Doug> I wonder if it might not be the best investment of
    Doug> everybody's time for us to forward any discoveries we make
    Doug> to you for inclusion and then link into Freshmeat's search
    Doug> engine for our software page.

you're more than welcome to do this.  you can also submit any new
items directly by clicking on the "contribute" link.  (this saves
daniel quite a bit of work, which is not important now but will be
once school starts again.  :)

    Doug> You should also check Chris Ellec's LinuxForKids site
    Doug> <http://www.linuxforkids.com>, as he has a list of
    Doug> "edutainment" software which is somewhat different from
    Doug> SEUL/edu's scholastic software while still being
    Doug> educational.

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