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[seul-edu] Introductions

Hello folks,

As per the instructions on the home page, I thought I would introduce
myself. I'm Chris Lehmann, and I am the Technology Coordinator at the
Beacon School (www.beaconschool.org). We have run linux primarily on the
back-end, with kids accessing it via telnet or using web-based programs
like COW, but we are starting to look into more and more desktop models as

I'm also the Project Manager for the soon-to-be launched
education.linux.com site. We're building the beta of the site now for a
mid-month launch date. After reading through archives and checking out 
a lot of the sites mentioned here, I'd love e.l.c to be able to do PR for
all the great projects you all are doing here. I think we could work
together to promote awareness of what is going on with linux in schools,
both to the larger linux community, and more importantly, to more schools
all over the world.

(Hey, I can dream, right?)

Anyway, I'm very excited to be on this list-serv, and I look forward to
talking to people about their projects.

Happy New Year all!

-- Chris

   "A life is not important except for the impact it has on other lives."
                                         -- Jackie Robinson