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Re: Re: [seul-edu] Interesting reading

On Sat,  1 Jan 2000, jeff covey wrote:
> btw, there are console/education and
> x11/education categories in freshmeat now.  one of our workers has
> been assigned the task of adding everything from the seul education
> page to it, but we'll welcome any submissions of other apps that
> should be there.
Our software page is way out of date, but it's probably a good place to start. 
We have an infrastructure project going to get a searchable database of
software up and running, but it's dependent on the schedule of the fellow who is
actively designing it and I'm not sure how quickly it will be ready.

We have a number of posts in our email archives about Linux apps that have some
educational uses; most of them haven't made our software page.  I've been
holding off on adding them till the database is ready (who wants to do all that work
twice?), but since you're doing something similar to our database right now,
perhaps now is the time to go back through the archives and glean the info about
apps from them.  It should be fairly easy to add them to your records, since most
of them came from Freshmeat announcements anyway.

Would it help if we have someone go through the archives and send URLs to the
pertinent messages to your person, or would you rather do that yourself (Jeff)? 
Also, how quickly do you expect to have this ready?  I wonder if it might not be
the best investment of everybody's time for us to forward any discoveries we
make to you for inclusion and then link into Freshmeat's search engine for our
software page.  You should also check Chris Ellec's LinuxForKids site
<http://www.linuxforkids.com>, as he has a list of "edutainment" software which is somewhat
different from SEUL/edu's scholastic software while still being educational.

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