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Re: [seul-edu] Marginally off topic: Free Books on MP3

Reto Stamm wrote:
> Books that are out of copyright could be read by volunteers (Drama and
> Theater students, for example), and the resulting soundfile could be
> uploaded to a server and be downloaded by everyone who is interested.
> Would that make sense? I'll put the site up in the next 2 or three days
> and see what will happen. Where should it be announced?

The local association for the blind (North Central Sight Services) has
volunteers read the local newspaper and other printed material, which is
then recorded onto audio tape and also broadcast on one of the local
radio stations.  This would seem like a fairly simple extension of that
service.  I would recommend that anyone interested in this contact his
or her local equivalent of my NCSS and see if they're already doing such
recordings, then work with them to add MP3 versions of their readings. 
This would allow us to quickly find a pre-existing body of recorded
material to encode while increasing individual Linux groups' connection
with their local geographical community.  This can only help when it
comes to trying to penetrate the local schools to persuade them to try

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