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Re: [seul-edu] Amazing Animation for linux?

OpenSoftware Crew wrote:
> Is there something like "Amazing Animation" for Mac, in the opensource
> projects?
> "Amazing Animation" is a program aimed to 4-5 yars old kids, allowing to
> the user to prepare his/her own cartoons (images, sounds and writings)
A quick look around didn't find anything.  All the Linux animation tools
I found were aimed at more sophisticated users.  Paolo, is that you?  If
you folks are thinking about developing something like this, you'll get
our whole-hearted support.  I'm sending this to the kidsgames mailing
list as well as seul-edu and eduttg, since I think it will be of
interest to all these groups.  Folks, if any of you are interested in
pursuing this idea, please reply to this message and I'll see that it
gets to all the groups, or directly contact the originator at

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