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Re: [seul-edu] Re: advotg: Moving away from proprietary (was Re: (Offtopic?) Filemaker Pro on Linux server Problem)

Hi Mark,

It will take me some time to digest the whole of your
article, but I can answer your first question.

This office is using Filemaker Pro.  It can produce Text
Deliminated files.  

Filemake allows them to change and add fields as needed
and create their own reports.  Which they seem to do
regularly.  Since they do this so often, it is good that
they can handle this on their own.  I can't imagine this
being possible with MySQL.  I don't have the time to
continually change databases and hiring an assistant to
do this type of support is also expensive.  

However, the lack of "playing Nicely" and locking me
into a solution is also expensive and makes my network
much more complicated than I would like it to be.

TASIS (The American School In Switzerland)
Lugano-Montagnola, Switzerland