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Re: [seul-edu] New web site "eduml.anet.fr"

Roger R Dingledine wrote:
> > Bruno always says nobody knows EduML, but in France it's not the case...
> I would really really like to have an actual document describing eduml
> that we can put on the seul-edu site and that we can publish and have
> other people (lwn, linuxtoday, etc) read and evaluate.
> i know there's some documentation out there already...
> do we have anything that could be adapted into this?
> otherwise people will continue to never have heard of eduml...
> thanks,
> --roger

I feel concerned...
I suppose I should try to be a little more cimmunicative, which is not
very natural to me.
As I'd like to release Promath 0.2 as soon as possible,
as TINY needs documentation too,
as ...
Yet if nobody stands up for it, I will probably follow your excellent
advice, soon !

Don't you think a mere translation into English, of eduml web pages,
would help (this could be quicker for me, than a new document) ?
Then, we could possibly link it to 'fr.seul.edu' as suggested ?


About TINY and other small Linuces, I'll have to write a document, maybe
a couple of FAQ paragraphs, but:
1) TINY is not the smallest
2) TINY works on standalone machines, installation is easy even for a
newbie (at least will definitely be in 0.2, see 0.2 beta on ftp),
distrib supports X windows and should run some useful small
applications... right now we have Ted

Odile Bénassy,
(not available these days, because my ISP is incredibly incompetent)